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Creating outstanding content is hard

Creating outstanding content is hard

achieving consistency at scale is harder still.

achieving consistency at scale is harder still.

You've been running a very effective content marketing strategy, business is taking off and you want to double-down on the strategy and cover new products, new markets, multiple ICPs, multiple languages, even more content formats and delivery channels.

At Base5, we take the pain out of scaling content production. Providing access to on-demand top-tier talent is an important part of what we bring to the table but, for results at scale, our experience in designing and executing production strategies is where we can really help unlock your true growth potential.



Business discovery

Financial goals


Initial briefing



external partners



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First, we need to truly understand your business and needs. These insights might come from a detailed briefing, but it often includes a creative discovery phase as well.

During this phase, we identify, describe, and visualize the service requirements. This is also the stage where we initiate discussions about budgets, volume expectations, success metrics, and ROI targets.



Design mockups

Production processes


Internal mockups

User tests






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Our approach is designed to be flexible, depending on the nature of the project. The aim is to collect as much objective data as possible to plan for success in future stages.

We will research competitors, analyze previous iterations, and delve into existing metrics, successes, and failures. However, the most reliable data comes from running a service for a test period to collect operational data under real-world conditions.



Operational briefing


Service brand guides

Production roles

Workflows & automation

SLAs & Metrics



Project management

Customer success



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Documentation plays a starring role in this phase. What exactly are we aiming to achieve? How will we accomplish it? Who has a stake? What does scaling look like from the perspectives of inflow, capacity planning, and SLAs?

Tangibles created include detailed service-specific brand guidelines, service briefing guides for sales and customer success teams, and standard operating procedures for each tier of the creative production process.



Experience pooling

Reference updates

Innovation workshops

Continuous QA


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With the groundwork laid, it's time for the creative teams to work their magic. With clear expectations, style guidance, and concise briefings, designers are set up for success.

However, beware of falling into a rut. The ever-present challenge here is to maintain creativity while innovating within a structured production framework.



KPI reporting

Gallery review

Stakeholder interviews

Successes & failures


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Rapid iterations


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Whether the evolutionary cycle is five days, weeks, or months, data-driven decision- making is critical to successful process evolution. Throughout the service lifecycle, we monitor, log, analyze, infer, test, and adapt.

We react to new inspiration, refine for changes in business drivers, and introduce a few random mutations for good measure. Continuous improvement is the make-or-break success factor.

Let's talk about how Base5 can help you design and execute a custom production scaling model to support your growth ambitions.

Let's talk about how Base5 can help you design and execute a custom production scaling model to support your growth ambitions.

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